Family Law

Family Law is my passion. I enjoy reading the latest developments in the law, which I frequently summarize over at my law blog. Whether you want advice on  marriage contracts, separation agreements, how to go about obtaining a divorce, how to protect your assets, or how much child/spousal support you are entitled to, I will explain to you your rights and help you devise and execute a plan that will best suit your goals.

The services I offer with respect to Family Law include:

  • Marriage Contracts
  • Separation Agreements
  • Simple Divorces
  • Contested Divorces
  • Family Court Litigation
  • Negotiating division of financial assets and properties
  • Obtaining custody and support orders
  • Varying or amending existing orders due to change in circumstances
  • Independent Legal Advice
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Legal Coaching (unbundled services)

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